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The Bridge

July 1, 2020

I have been wanting to shoot the bear mountain bridge from this particular angle for quite some time now. I was excited to finally be getting the shots that I wanted. On this particular evening it was raining and it was growing dark. As I made my way along the walkway beside the overpass where I would be taking the shots, I started to realize how high up I was and the truth is, I was shaking. I fumbled through my camera settings and practiced my breathing to remain calm. How did I not consider this before?!  Because it was getting dark, I had to sacrifice shutter speed and I didn't bring my tripod (it's broken) so the challenge became holding the camera steady as the wind from the cars zooming behind me shook the ground and slapped against my body. In the end, I am satisfied. Maybe I'll go back in the day time and snap some shots to compare! I managed to capture a few blurry shots of the moon as well.


May 30th 2020

Beauty In Silence

April 20, 2020

For this shoot, I made a spot-light with some items I had around the house: foil, a toilet paper roll, and a lamp! I knew the focus would be pretty narrow/small so obviously I wanted to make the focus mean something. I looked to the internet for inspiration and I kept seeing pictures of flowers. I figured it would be meaningful to cover my mouth with the flower. But what message could I be trying to convey? Suddenly it came to me. "There is beauty in silence." Sometimes we think so hard about what to say that we overlook the moments in which nothing is said. It's also a visual representation of what photography is to me- beauty. Pictures can say so much, without actually saying anything at all!