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Have you heard my new single?!

After much anticipation, my new single, "Deep" is available on ALL music platforms. Please support by downloading and streaming as much as possible. Tell a friend, to tell a friend! If you like what you hear, sit tight. More fiyah is on the way!

my musical journey

I'm silly, I'm stoic. I'm sweet and a jerk. I'm energetic and laid back. I'm confident, yet insecure.  I'm indecisive, yet assured. I'm an empath, but I'm cold when I have to be. I'm smart, but I can sometimes be naive. I'm loyal. Too loyal.


What does this have to do with my musical journey? I don't know.  You can add A.D.D. to that list. LOL. No but seriously.. Everything I am and everything that I am NOT, has come together and infused into my music. It has fueled my creativity.  I just want to make relatable music that makes you feel good! I hope ya'll are ready!

Currently, I am recording music and working on my first project. Please follow along as I update you all with new music, upcoming events/shows, and release dates. Until then, please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I periodically upload covers. Thank you so much for reading. 

-Peace and love

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