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My new single, "Deep" is available on all platforms now!!

No Spotify? No problem. Just go to your favorite platform,  search "Epiphany Eb - Deep" and download, stream, and add to your playlist!


Welcome to a world of Epiphanies!

My name means "God's Gift." All my life I trembled at the notion that I am God's gift to the world. (What an enormous responsibility!) It wasn't until a few years ago that I had an EPIPHANY and it clicked. I am not (just) the gift...he has GIVEN me the gifts along with the responsibility of sharing them with the world and using them for good. (As if being the gift wasn't enough pressure.) It is an honor to be blessed enough to share my creativity. I welcome all with open arms...

 Simply put, I am an artist and a creative. I am a singer/songwriter first but I dabble in all things art.​ Feel free to browse my creations or make a purchase at my shop.​Lastly, I encourage you to ignite your creativity and SPREAD LOVE!

#WhatHaveYouCreatedToday ?


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